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Have an iPhone 11 or Galaxy S20? Check out the protective eezl case for sleek style and functionality.

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Built. Better.

eezl™ is a  dual-material case that combines the rigidity of Polycarbonate (PC) with the flexible and shock-absorbing properties of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). Embedded in the case is a flexible plastic strip which props up a built-in kickstand after lifting. Thus, a loop for habitual comfort is created, while offering a durable and secure hold. This allows us to have a highly protective functional case without the bulkiness.

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Enjoy Your Videos

There is no need to hold your phone in your hand or search for something that can prop your phone up to watch a video. With a quick flip you can instantly have your phone ready to catch up on your favorite YouTube Channel or that Netflix show you’ve been meaning to watch. Works great on airplane trays and gym equipment too.

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Minimize Interruptions

Stay focused and enhance your multi-tasking. Set eezl™ in portrait mode next to you while at work or in a meeting and with a quick glance you can view incoming notifications, text messages and calls without interruption. It’s also great for hands free scrolling through emails and Instagram posts.

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Avoid the Drop

23% of us right now are walking around with broken or chipped smartphone screens. And the reality is that screens are getting larger and more expensive to replace. Unfortunately, human hands have not evolved as quickly as screen sizes. eezl™ can help you secure the phone in your hand to reduce the chance of you dropping it. Whether you’re walking your dog, carrying grocery bags, text-walking, or trying to capture that perfect selfies, eezl™ is there to help. And just in case you still drop your phone, eezl™ case provides up to 8 feet of drop protection.

Use Your Phone as Intended

The designers of eezl™ worked very hard to come up with a mechanism that was minimal in design. eezl’s are slim and unobtrusive, so you can’t feel as though it was there. It fits easily in your pocket and inside small purses. And because eezl™ is so slim it will not affect wireless charging or compatibility with other accessories designed to work with other cases.

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Enjoy 10FT Drop Protection

For those times you can't avoid dropping your phone, the eezl case offers 10ft drop protection for some extra peace of mind.

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