Today, the smartphone is a part of us. We take them with us wherever we go. They are at bedside when we sleep, on the bathroom counter when we brush our teeth, at arm’s reach during meals, and our companion when we work and play. eezl™ was designed with all this in mind and more. Using its patent pending stand it can be securely propped-up is both landscape or portrait mode. Easily flip out the stand to watch Netflix and YouTube videos. Quickly prop it up in portrait mode facing you and at a glance you can unlock your phone and read incoming notifications. And, unlike other solutions on the market, you can do all this without worrying your device will tip over when you interface with out. You can also use the integrated loop to help you hold the device will you use your hands for other tasks like walking your dog or carrying your grocery bags or taking a selfie.

“We wanted to design a case that complimented the way we use our smartphones. Smartphones and the way we use them has evolved immensely in the past 10 years. Yet, the cases on the market today have changed very little. The same cases that were made for the original iPhone, are practically the same as the ones we use today.”

Peter Tu – Sr. Industrial designer / co-inventor

But to do all this right, our designers wanted to make sure the solution was not going to be obtrusive. Our designers were very focused on not having to add bulky mechanism that would make your case thicker, snag in your pocket or purse or inhibit any of your phone’s functionality like wireless charging. They also wanted to ensure protection of the device was not compromised. The eezl case is minimal in design, fits comfortably in your hand, and offers 8ft. drop protection. There is an eezl for everyone. Have you found yours?